Holmatro’s first cordless
mini cutter.


Introductiecampagne The Holmatro CCU10. The first cordless mini cutter.


Holmatro Rescue Equipment

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Develop a campaign concept for the launch and introduction of the new cordless mini cutter. Create a key visual and key message to position this new tool. Please note that the translation of the key message is applicable and understandable for multiple languages.


With the compact cordless mini cutter, the user has freedom of movement and a clear view of the working space. It could be the last/decisive cut to finish the rescue operation. This tool is an expansion of the cordless series, so you can complete any rescue set.

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Whatever situation a first responder will face, being fully prepared and fully equipped is key. Holmatro introduces the first Cordless Mini Cutter to complete any rescue set. This completely renewed and battery powered tool enables first responders to experience more freedom of movement. Its size is small enough to maneuver into narrow and tight spaces. Easy to pick up, carry, use and store. Perfect for cutting a variety of vehicle parts, such as headrests, pedals or seats belts. However, the compactness, portability and flexibility does not diminish its power and performance. Moreover, the cordless mini cutter could be the decisive cut in successfully completing your rescue operation. With the Holmatro Cordless Mini Cutter you can finally complete your cordless rescue set. It’s the indispensable tool for minimal space and maximum performance.


Verantwoordelijk aan klantzijde: Jilles Duyndam, Manon Hart & Bas Coremans - Concept, strategie, creative direction, art direction & design: Martijn Rijken - Concept & copy: Stef Vugs (The Line) - Fotografie: Sjoerd Hobelman (The Line) - Beeld retouche: Danny Vullings (The Line) - Account en projectmanagement: Stephan Houben & Elke den Biggelaar (The Line)